Your care and service is unprecedented in our experience with the medical community from start to finish.  First rate quality, care and results.!!!
Thank you.

Your staff are the consummate professionals and could write the book on customer service.  The patient’s well being is certainly primary and you demonstrate that every step of the way. Thank you!

As someone who teaches hospital employees about great customer experience, you really do a great job.  By the time my 3 years of braces was over, I felt so comfortable and pleased.  Thank you for a job well done.  I will be discussing my experience with executives at the hospital system where I work because we have a lot to learn from you.

Mom & Dad, Thank you for taking Mrs. B’s word of advice and taking me to Good Orthodontics and fixing my wacky teeth.  Even though I was in 8th grade looking for girls and not talking to the ones I wanted because I didn’t like my smile, but now like you said, they come to me.  Thank you so much guys, I owe you my life.

Dear Good Orthodontics,  I am so thrilled to have been the recipient of the $500.00 scholarship.  Thank you so much for choosing me.  My experience at Good Orthodontics has been wonderful.  Everyone was always friendly and of course, I have a gorgeous smile.  I have been complimented by many and was nominated by my senior class for “best smile”.  I cannot wait to show off my smile at Penn State! 

You are an orthodontist that does the job and does it right.

Our daughter is definitely smiling and “looking good”- our 4th child to benefit from your expertise!  In our thirteen year association with Good Orthodontics, you and your staff have not only maintained your professionalism but also your enthusiasm for and your genuine interest in your patients.

It takes special people to work with a child with special needs.  You always made Emily feel welcome.  You never seemed to rush with her, even though your waiting room was full.  She loves coming to your office because she knows you care about her.

Words can’t express how grateful I am for all you have done to help us give Courtney a beautiful smile! I have never met a more wonderful group of people than what you have at Good Orthodontics.  You helped us to afford something that we otherwise would have had to put off for a few years.  It is such a blessing that generous people like yourselves exist.  Your kindness means more than you’ll ever know.

I am so grateful for all your help and hard work at perfecting my smile.  Your dedication to each and every patient was truly genuine and your hospitality made every visit enjoyable.  Two years was well worth the wait for my good smile.  The best part of all is that I get to keep it the rest of my life! Thank you!!  

Keep up the good work-the name should be awesome instead of Good–Seriously, It was a wonderful experience and everyone I met or came in contact with was wonderful.  Great job!

I could not say enough about all of you.  From the very first day I walked into your office, you have embraced my family.  You’re professionals-but I KNOW you care about us.  Can’t put a price on this.

Most favorable–How you involve the kids with all the contests and the new TV with our pictures on it. We liked all the fuss and fanfare you gave Kylie when her braces came off.  Thanks for all you did and gave her.

Most favorable–The warm, genuinely friendly and caring women out front!  They set the most welcoming tone to the equally warm & caring “teeth” professionals.  Your hearts are gold and the teeth you straighten are priceless due to your expertise and genuine hearts!  Thanks for all you do!   You are beautiful role models for all who have the gift of entering your doors!  We are so appreciative of ALL of you.

Dear Mom & Dad, In high school, one of the things kids are judged on, unfortunately, is appearance: clothes, shoes, haircuts, the list goes on.    One thing, however, is judged at first glance, and is not quite as easy to change as the others- the smile.  It was not easy, nor cheap, but it gave plenty.  Because you sent me to Goods in fifth grade, my teeth are now, three years later, perfectly aligned.  For all that, I thank you. 
Love, R